Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Paste Papers

A shortage of decorative pieces of paper in my stash for bookbinding gave me the impetus I needed to make some CMC paste and sit down and create some paste papers.  These will be used either for end papers or for decorative covers.

This piece had an initial wash of Quiacridone Red acrylic painted on the surface of the paper.  When that had dried a mixture of CMC paste and Indanthrene Blue were brushed across the surface and then textured using various tools.

A base coat of Raw Sienna was given a paste layer to which Golden Payne's Grey had been added.  Quite a large piece of paper that was left over from cutting up pages for bookbinding purposes.  The paste was still wet when I took the photograph hence the glistening highlights.

I loved this A4 piece.  It had Transparent Yellow Oxide acrylic combined with the remains of a red (probably Quinacridone Red, but not certain) as a base layer and then Burnt Sienna was mixed with the paste before I applied several methods of adding texture to the surface.

It would not be me without a bit of blue.  This was straight onto a piece of white paper, no base colour.


  1. These are lovely papers - I've no idea what CMC paste is, nor have I ever heard of the first two colours you mention - I fear I am sadly lacking in the paint field !

  2. You will have used CMC paste when doing City & Guilds because you use it to make silk paper. It is a cellulose paste which comes in powder form and you can get it from Colourcrafts or Art van Go