Friday, 7 October 2016

Don't we all love the sea ....

After spending a very brief period near the sea last week I came home with a bag of wet seaweed which has slowly been decomposing in the kitchen so yesterday I thought I had better do something with it whilst it was still useable.

I got out my two Gelli plates plus some nice Golden acrylic paints and pulled a few prints before some of it eventually got that bad I could not get it off ....

(a)  The Gelli plate, and
(b)  Even worse .... the paper I had printed onto!! What a slimy mess I had.

The presence of seasalt may have added to the blotchy images above
I did not take off the background paint with a piece of paper for these three images
The seaweed I did not put in the bin has now dried and wrinkled up so I may able to get yet more prints from it?

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love the blotchy effect, what a great idea to use the sea weed. I must try this myself next time I'm beachcombing at Brid or Scarborough : )