Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Little More Greek Stitching

It has been Half Term this week so I made a special effort to finish off two more Greek Stitched books.  The covers are Shibori fabric which I dyed some time ago.  I subsequently backed the fabric with layout paper ready to be used to cover some books.
The fabric above was dyed using Procion Mx dyes in blue and rust.

The fabric for the larger book of the two was dyed with Indigo and the fabric was ruched up a plastic pipe. All the stitching on these has been done with waxed linen thread.

I have also been trying to finish off an A3 portfolio to store papers in but have got myself in a right mess so may have to wait until the next class to finish it off.


  1. Love those fabrics!
    The books look superb : )

  2. lovely ! clever you. I particularly like how you have picked up the fabric colours with the two shades of waxed thread on the binding of the smaller book - very chic !