Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Well this is it ....

Or should I say Them? Little and Large. A3 and Postcard Size ....

I still do not know if I have constructed them properly.  The large one will store all of the bits of paper I have rolling around to be used at some future date in creating books.  The second will hold the collection of lovely postcards which arrive on a a fairly regular basis from my friends, that I cannot bear to throw away.

As you can see there are three folding flaps that hold everything secure, plus ribbon ties to keep the folder shut.  The problem I always have is with the glue, which seems to have a mind of its own, no matter how careful I try to be.  That actually probably makes matters worse as I seem to get more where it should not be when I take extra care.

The picture above is the doodling on the inside cover of the A3 portfolio. The butterflies were cut out from the small piece of cover paper I had left. Some of the doodling hides very small glue marks!!

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