Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cup and Ring Print

This is the first print from a split collagraph I have been making over the past few weeks. I am fascinated by the 'cup and ring' carvings on stones that have appeared in several places in the UK. A photograph in The Telegraph several years ago of a rock that had become exposed in Northumberland started the journey and I have looked at the possibility of using if for some embroidery or printing on and off since.
Print 2 with a change of colour and a darker image as I did not remove as much of the oil based ink.
And finally a bigger change on the final print of the day as I opted for Sepia ink instead of the Prussian Blue I had been using. Can't wait until next week when we start to use viscosity inking with the plates.

1 comment:

  1. These are super - the best prints you've done I think, though I don't know how the split technique works. I look forwards to next week with great anticipation.