Thursday, 20 October 2016


At last I seem to have got something which I like! This is a collagraph print created using filler, PVA and carborundum.  It has two very small pieces of chine collee on it too.

This week I viscosity inked the plate using Prussian Blue as the base colour, with a pale blue hard roller and then cadmium yellow dark on top using a soft roller ...

followed by a second print which was largely a Turquoise background with bits of Prussian Blue in it.


  1. I like all of these, particularly the colour of the prussian blue . I have been trying to see the difference in the techniques - apart from the colour I mean. I think the collograph makes the chine colle more apparent, but the viscosity gives more depth - I like them all anyway and am glad you are pleased with something for a change !