Thursday, 5 January 2017

The End of a Journal

I have just put the last entry for 2016 into a copy of the Yorkshire Travelling Journal and returned it to it's owner.  It is a very fat little beast as it has completed two full year's, containing entries from most of the participants that have taken part. I decided that perhaps I could Blog my entry as it will now not be seen by anyone else other than the lovely lady it belongs to.

Shown above is my inspiration  -  It was an article which appeared in the December issue of STITCH and for some unknown reason I had decided I would rather like to learn how to stitch the pears.  What I had not realised was was that they were rather tiny!!

I prepared my inspirational page and stitched my pears, added a partridge having no idea what they actually looked like .....

As it was the last entry in the Journal, and there were still plenty of blank pages, I thought I may as well use some of them up and created a window through which to view the partridge.

The lovely surprise was the view from the back of the window ...

Finally, I pasted the instructions for stitching the pears onto another blank page (or two) with details of the meaning of the items given to his 'True Love' over the Twelve Days of Christmas which I had managed to discover whilst researching the origin of the Partridge in the Pear Tree.

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  1. I'd like to say you inspire me, but it would be truer to say, you put me to shame !