Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Sun Came Out

Got fed up with being cooped up indoors all week so took myself off to Croome for a walk.  The view of the Malverns with the sunlight catching the tops of the hills was magnificent.  Managed to get myself a bit lost on my walk but eventually ended up somewhere I recognised.  I was in no hurry so not a major problem.

This was the view across the parkland from the woods (where I was lost). I knew I could always retrace my steps and return the way I had come if I really was lost.  As it involved a very, very muddy track it was not something to be relished.

It was a chilly day and I would not have relished posing like this for long, however, more surprises were not far away inside the Temple where a photographer was taking photographs of a scantily clad model, much to the amusement of an elderly couple walking their dog. They were so embarrassed that they were going to walk behind the Temple rather than pass in full view across the frontage.

Finally is Spring just around the corner.  A small group of winter aconites were in full bloom hidden under some shrubs very close to the sculpture above.

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