Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lutradur pieces

Got some paint onto the pieces I produced at the Lynda Monk workshop on Wednesday, but not too happy with the results.  This was a piece of Lutradur which had been thermofax printed with Xpandaprint then zapped with an heat gun.  It is painted with a mixture of acrylic paint and cosmic shimmer spray.

Far from happy with this postcard sized piece.  It has had gesso and white acrylic paint applied before colouring it with a variety of things.  It has become a messy blob.  May have to paint over it and start again.  The background is actually reasonable, but the lacey fragrment is terrible.  I have also started to paint the tube, but it needs more work and I am afraid the lovely sunny weather meant I spent a lot of time in the garden digging up what was once a brick drive where I now want to lay some lawn.

The crocus I planted in the front garden, to remind me of the large swathes of them on the Stray in Harrogate, have now decided to burst open and put on a lovely display. However, another squirrel is stealing my bird food at the moment and is proving to be very wiley.


  1. Lynda is great on a workshop,lucky you. I must admit Id like to try the thermofax but then I wont live long enuf as it is to do all Im I will voyeur your fun!
    Am sure even if what you think is a mistake, could be chopped up and offer you other possibilities.......dont give up on them!

  2. Now tried using black Lutradur and black gesso. Not had time to add colour yet as building work been a bit hectic the last few days.