Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sox the Dog Scarer

This is the new step outside our front door.  The patched up bricks are where the toilet waste pipe used to come out.  This has now been relocated.  We are awaiting a new door to stop all the draughts and there is currently a huge gap under the one shown here due to the fact that the old doorstep has been demolished and the new one has been built to accommodate the replacement door and surround when it arrives.

Sox had fun yesterday.  I was busy gardening and could hear a dog barking from what sounded like our garden.  When I investigated I discovered that a neighbour's brown labrador was hiding in the garage, terrified of Sox!!  I had to rescue it and return it to its owner, whilst negotiating a spitting Sox who was displaying a lovely arched back and fur that stood on end.  It was worth returning the dog home as I discovered she has a litter of 8 five-day old puppies and they were absolutely gorgeous.  There were cream ones, black ones and one reddish cream one.  She had not been home long when she disappeared again.  Think she must have had enough of the puppies and wanted a rest.

Had Venture Group today and felt that I gave a disappointing demonstration on how to make mount board print blocks.  They are all so clever and no doubt found it very boring!  Got a new travelling journal to add to though which is such fun.

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  1. Oh gosh hope mum dog isnt going to be a bad mum to those pups! Mind you there were times I could have run away from my kids come to think of
    Sox might need to be a pal and give her refuge not aggro !