Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wild Garlic

Although we have had some lovely sunny weather the wild garlic in the Dell still does not want to open.  The buds with their papery cover look like pearls hidden in tissue paper.

Last year I planted wood anenomes in the Dell along with daffodils, dog daisies and some bluebells. Well the wood anenomes have disappeared ... but this little lot have appeared in a different part of the Dell all by themselves.  I guess they came down when the stream flooded because they are growing in the path of silt that was deposited.

We have actually got lots of primroses and wild violets all over the garden too, not only in the Dell.  The two Amelanchier trees are trying to open their flowers, but unfortunately it looks like we could have lost the lovely mature Robinia in the front garden as there is no sign of leaf buds and a lot of the twigs appear to be dead.  Even the mistletoe growing on it is looking very sorry for itself.

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