Friday, 29 November 2013

Worcester Travelling Journal

On Wednesday the Running Stitchers group I am a member of had a lovely day out at Compton Verney.  As part of the day we all returned our Travelling Journals to the originator with an entry in it from all of the participating members and it was so exciting.  So much so that I have decided to blog the pages from mine so others can share the pleasure of looking at them.

They are in no particular order and other pages will follow in due course:-

October Inspiration

October Resolved Piece
November Inspiration

November resolved piece
The November entry was very interesting because this person has used the same inspiration in everyone's TJ, but resolved them in a different way in each.  The threads on this piece were created at a dying day we had and the fabric was printed on another occasion when we had a full day monoprinting.
Inspiration based on a piece by Helen Banzhaf

September Resolved Piece

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