Friday, 1 November 2013

Venture Group Print Day

On Wednesday of this week we spent a whole day printing.  General theme was monoprinting, however, we all tried things we have been wanting to do for a while with some stunning results.  I took along my Geli printing plate which I have had since the summer and not tried.  I was so surprised with the results.  Another member of the group also has a Geli Plate, but has found a cheaper method to make your own plate using Gelatine and Glycerine so she demonstrated that.

Sliced Apples on Geli Plate
Apples plus plastic canvas
I then decided to try out some of the techniques that I had seen Hilary Beattie demonstrating at the NEC Quilt Show in the summer.  (I forgot to pre-treat my cotton fabric with soda solution, however I am still pleased with the results.)  I used white acrylic paint over a plastic stencil and, when it was dry, dragged Procion dye thickened with Manutex over the fabric with a small squeegee.  I have now washed out the Manutex, adding Synthrapol to the water, and the colours are slightly lighter than when I started but I am sure I will be able to use the fabric for something.
This is the piece of paper I used to clean my stencils, rubbing mat and stamp pad on.  It then had a coating of diluted Procion dye washed over it.  Fire Engine Red and a mixture of Mid Blue and Antique Gold made the green.

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