Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fruity Prints

In between dodging the rain and the never ending job of stripping the hall door frames and sanding the doors (which have now been returned from being stripped) I have been playing about with some of the windfall crab apples (?) from the garden.

I tried cutting them in half, quarters and across the middle.  I also inked up a leaf and made prints from both it and the image left on the roller.  Some are acrylic ink, some textile printing ink and, as a last resort, good old thick bleach.

The halved apples did not work very well for some reason, although I do like the ones below.

All were printed on Cotman watercolour paper and the background of most is good old walnut ink which has been begging to be used up for what seems ages

I did rub some leaves with wax crayons too using a thinner paper.  These then had an ink wash over them.

Black Textile Ink on Paper

Textile Ink on Fabric
Finally a quick drawing

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