Thursday, 10 October 2013


An article in the latest edition of 'Stitch' magazine prompted me get out my sample pack and try this material out.  It is called 'Texture Magic' in the article, but the sample pack calls it 'Shrink Polyester'.  I used natural fibres and cotton thread and have now dyed the piece.  Left to right - I stitched circles, random zigzag and straight stitches and finally vermicelli. You then hold the steam iron over the work until it shrinks by approximately 30%.  I then joined the samples together to form a mini quilt and the dyed piece will go into one of the Travelling Journals I am participating in.

I have also been making a calico apron to replace my rather worn out Muji denim one which is developing a hole in it where I keep wiping my paint scraper on it, plus a couple of drawstring bags to store the Travelling Journals in.  I have just received another Yorkshire Travelling Journal in the post and it is wonderful filling me with the enthusiasm I need to get on with some proper stitching instead of messing about.  Unfortunately the next few days will be taken up with household tasks that must be done as the boiler is getting serviced and - at long last - the bedroom, bathroom and ensuite are getting some flooring laid.  It might start to look like a real house now instead of a 'WIP'!!

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