Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn Colours

There are two Amelankiers in our garden one at the front and one at the back, although the one at the back has been damaged by a bonfire at some time in its not too distant past.  Both of them have changed colour this last week and look splendid when the sun shines on them (?) - what sun you might say.  Do not think the leaves will last for much longer as the wet and windy weather is blowing them off.

We also have a huge crop of apples which I am assuming are either crab or cider apples.  I tasted one today to see if it was edible and it was so sour  ...
Last year the Redstarts ate them when the weather got cold, but there is rather a lot on the ground already.  The squirrel has been busy burying the acorns and I have heard either a redstart or fieldfare about.  Earlier in the week we had two herons landed in the trees just up the stream.  They are beautiful to look at but I do not really want them coming and catching all the trout in the stream.  There seems to be a lot of young trout this year and it would be a shame if they were eaten.

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