Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Apron Strings

As my Denim Muji Apron has almost got a hole through it because I have been wearing it whilst stripping paint from doors, skirting boards and architraves I tried to obtain another one.  At first I was not successful so decided to make a new one myself.  It is just a piece of cheap calico but I have added these little chaps to the pocket - one to represent my stitching and the other bookbinding ....

As always the scraps used to make these little creatures were out of my ragbag .... some of which dates back to my first year at Harrogate College when we acquired a bin liner full of items at a Jumble Sale to be washed and recycled for use in our work.

A great idea which cost us all something like 50p as they were leftover items that nobody wanted at the end of the Jumble Sale!

The blue bird is a scrap leftover from some Indigo dyeing.

The good news is that a very dear friend has now got me a new Muji apron from Covent Garden so I have lots of choice when I need to get covered up.  Perhaps better keep this one away from the paint stripper.

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  1. you are seriously going to have to stop being so clever and productive or I might have to stop reading your blog x