Friday, 18 October 2013


Looks like some of us in the class have now got our heads around what we are meant to be doing.  We were very confused last week.  Having finally got all my pieces of paper cut out correctly I now had to stitch them all together, and as we are doing leather binding it had to go on a frame over string.

This is my signatures trapped between two boards after they have been in the book lying press and I have used a Backing Saw to put the grooves in the spine ready for the stitching.  The end ones are cut straight and the middle ones are a 'V' shape.  Because, in my stupidity, I originally cut my paper with the grain going the wrong way it made my life very difficult when it came to this bit.

The sections are now laid in the stitching frame with the strings in place ready to start stitching all the signatures together  -  this morning before going to class I had to make some hasty modifications to my homemade frame as it's base was not really wide enough.  It now seems to work fine.

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