Friday, 7 March 2014


More flowers have appeared in the garden this week with the warmer weather.  We have even had some sunshine.  I tried to capture a picture of the little red female flowers on this Contorted Hazel.  They are so tiny.  The catkins are really long and lots of pollen has been falling off them when they are knocked or blown in the wind this week.  Also now got pulmanaria out, hellebores, daffodils, crocus and lots of primroses.

The plan yesterday was to plant the Hornbeam bare root hedging in the front garden, but having got dressed in my scruffy jeans, I discovered that it was raining when I went outside.  It did not stop me going to the tip to dispose of the rubble I had dug up and coming back with several bags of soil conditioner, which I plan to combine with the remains of the compost heap in the bottom of the trench for the hedge.

The sun has now come out today - typical when I have not got time to go out in the garden.

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