Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wild Flowers in the Garden

As I have said before .... primroses grow like weeds in our garden and this lovely clump are over on the bank in the Dell.  It is a shame that the grass does not normally look like that, but it is some turf that I have dug up from the lawn at the back of the house when I was making a new border.  If I do not keep it watered it won't look like that for long.  Also the wild garlic is doing its best to grow through it.

There are also lots of these little beauties all over the garden.  Such cheeky little faces you cannot help but love them, although they are difficult to get rid of when they grow where you do not want them to.

Some progress on the garden fence at the front today.  PL has got the frame for it up and just the overlapping slats to nail on tomorrow.  Let us hope we get a sunny day.  It has been pretty awful today windy and showery.

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