Monday, 31 March 2014

Snowshill Manor and Ryton

On Saturday DH decided he wanted to have a day out so off we went to visit Ryton Organic Gardens.  On the way there, having taken the scenic route, we stopped off at Snowshill Manor for coffee and a scone.  It was our first visit and although we only paid to go around the gardens we will certainly be going back again. The gardens were great and I would really like to go inside the house and see its collection.  The windmill above was so amusing.  All the little soldiers were moving about and as it was such a lovely day everyone was standing in the sunshine and watching their antics.

There were two bee skeps in the garden, no bees in residence though.  Lots of white doves too in their own little dovecot which I assume was built to collect the eggs (or doves) for consumption.

This cobblestone mosaic was at the entrance to one of the gardens at Ryton, as were these wooden structures below. They were on either side of the entrance to one of the display gardens.

We seemed to spend all our time eating.  We had lunch at Ryton and as we both enjoy vegetarian food it was a splendid change. 

Looks like the triffids have escaped and taken up residence there too!!  These reminded me of something I had seen at Jinney Ring.  I think they were woven willow on metal stems.

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