Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring Crocus

How can you not smile when you look out of the french door and see these little beauties enjoying the spring sunshine.  A massive bumblebee tried its best to get inside one of the smaller blooms to enjoy a feast.

These are in the front garden and are meant to remind me of the drifts of crocus in Harrogate.  Not quite got there yet and I am afraid they are going to have to come out as the rowan tree is slowly dying and will have to be removed.

I have spent every dry opportunity this week digging the front garden where the builders had their rubble heap.  It is backbreaking work and there is loads of builders rubbish buried underneath the soil.  I am slowly getting rid of the worst of it.


  1. I took advantage of yesterdays sun myself to pick out years and years of mint roots in the new-to-me garden I have. It was such a boost to see so much blue sky, hear bird song and feel the breath of a light breeze.
    Such a pity the rowan has to go : (

  2. We too are sad ... even more so as a 30+ year old Robinia is also dying.