Sunday, 24 August 2014

More HB Workshop

We created lots of papers on Hilary's workshop which were used as backgrounds or cut up and collaged to produce interesting images.

Gelli printed leaves, drawn on with a Markal blender stick, painted with Procion dye, cut out and collaged with Matt Gel Medium.  Detail was added using Neocolour I crayons.

A small piece of newspaper, which had been used as a drop cloth in a previous life, was salvaged to add a perfect highlight to this piece which also included grasses printed from the Gelli plate and then collaged onto the background.

The negative image of a cut out leaf was used to add interest to a background that had been created using stencils and moulding paste, brought to life with a wash of Procion dye.

An experiment with black gesso.  I found it needed more than one coat of gesso to get any depth of colour before working on top of it with moulding paste, stencils, crayons, metallic paint, etc.

Surprising what a bit of rain can do!

Even the fruit we used to print from made an excellent still life composition!!

Who needs to draw when you can photograph images like this?  It is the remains of an onion used for printing, laid on a table amongst the detritus of a day's play.

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