Thursday, 28 August 2014

More Sunflowers ....

 There are lots of reasons not to grow plants in our garden.  It was full of weeds, the soil is either rock hard or like a bog with clay soil, the builders often damage stuff (as none of them know a plant from a weed!), squirrels eat everything, foxes and mice dig things up, etc. etc.

I have been chancing my luck with annuals and grew quite a few different sunflowers.  The slugs ate some of them but one or two survived.

This beauty is 'Black Magic F1', it is quite large and a wonderful colour.  It appears to be multi headed too although only one flower is out at the moment.
This chap on the other hand is meant to be 'Vanilla Ice' like the ones to the left of it, but must have cross bred somewhere along the line, because he came out of the same seed packet as the rest.

I was also given some larger ones by my neighbour. These are now looking very sorry for themselves with large, drooping, seedheads.  I am leaving them for the goldfinches to feed on.

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