Sunday, 31 August 2014

Chimney Pots

Spot who is lurking behind the pots
There is no wonder I get very little done ....  This week the builders have been here again.  Following the incident with the Jackdaw down the bedroom chimney I asked if it was possible to put bird guards on top of the 4 chimney pots.

Subsequently we have had these chimney pots removed and some new, rather squat ones installed to replace them, complete with bird guards.

At the same time it was suggested that we should have the main chimney lined ready to install a multi fuel stove. Well they did have great difficulty getting the 'cherry picker' round the back of the house and it was something they would not be in a hurry to repeat, particularly as they were under threat of death if they damaged any of my newly planted hedge.

Much to my surprise, we also now have a lovely little Aga multi fuel stove installed and working.  It looked so nice in our tatty lounge that I decided perhaps I better take the wallpaper off, a lot of which was coming off anyway. It has given me the opportunity to check to see if the walls under the windows have cracks which need pinning before the builders depart.  I spent all Saturday taking the wallpaper off and now have the walls to wash down with sugar soap.

Whilst all this has been going on I have also been trying to make some full length curtains for the french doors in the kitchen.  Bet you have guessed .... I am not making much progress apart from making a terrible mess.  All I have got done is to join all the fabric widths together.   Why did I decide to interline them as well?

Did get my Yorkshire Travelling Journal completed and posted off to Harrogate which is an achievement as it is two weeks early.


  1. I'm sure you'll not regret having your multifuel burner in - we keep ours in for weeks at a time during the depths of winter - such a comfort to get up to !

  2. Lovely pots I am sure you will find a place for them somewhere.