Friday, 5 September 2014


As I have not got anything exciting to post this week, I have found one of my Travelling Journal pages from last year.  I am not sure who's Journal it is?

This does not mean that I have had a quiet relaxing week .... far from it.  The builders have been here off and on and have now repaired and replastered two of the lounge walls, with parts of another wall being skimmed.  Once they dry out I should be able to get on with some decorating.

The porch has also made some progress but is still not finished.  A radiator in the hall and one in the downstairs cloakroom, have been off and back on so they could be painted behind, so we just need the decorator to come and paper the hall ceiling and then all the painting can be finished off.

Poor old Sox has not been too good again this week.  It is difficult getting him to eat and he has been sick too.  Think it may be the stress of having the builders here again.  DH has also been traumatised as he has been unable to watch the TV for two evenings this week.  It is sad when TV becomes such a major feature in your life. At least the weather has been fantastic - dry, hot and sunny.

Just noticed that Laura Kemshall is making herself spend a short time drawing in a sketchbook each day.  I do not do it daily, but do dabble when I find the odd minute or two, usually first thing on a morning.  It is surprising what you can achieve if you have a sketchbook and pencil/pen lying around in the kitchen.

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