Friday, 12 September 2014

All Primed

Boring as it may seem, I have now got two coats of grey primer on the lounge skirting boards to cover up the dark varnish that has a habit of seeping through once you have got the gloss on.  Also got primer and undercoat on the wooden batten that holds up the shortest piece of curtain track.

To reward myself for all my dexterity I decided to pop to Ledbury to 'do' a few venues.  Called into the Weavers Gallery in Church Street (lovely work by Stella Downing), Tinsmiths (Sunny Todd Prints) and Tilley Printing (always a delight with the smell of the Letterpress Printing Office below and Claire Verity working above).  I finished off by popping into see Angie Hughes before I came home then back to reality with DH awaiting his dinner and wondering where I had gone!!

Having taken no photographs whilst I was out and about and most certainly done no stitching I have found a couple more pieces from the September 2013 Travelling Journals.  The plain white piece is the inspirational artwork and the coloured and stitched page is the resolved work.

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  1. I had been hoping to get over to Ledbury to see Angies work but ran out of time!