Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumn Blooms

The past few weeks has seen these cosmos flowering their little hearts off.  An added bonus is that the honey bees next door love them.They were only sown with a view to filling in holes in the garden after the main flush of flowers and they are proving to be a real bonus.  Oddly, apart from this patch, the others seem to be all the same colour in each place - front border (white) and under the lounge window (pink).


  1. Ive got white ands majenta shade and they are delightful
    fancy swapping pink seeds for majenta? lol

  2. Mine are mostly white apart from some shorter ones called Antiquity which I have in pots.All of them give masses of bang for your buck ! I've also got annual lavatera, grown from seed, which are stunningly floriferous - mine are pink but I will look for white ones next year as white glows in my not so sunny garden