Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Gelli Good Morning

Friday was a grey day and I was not in the right frame of mind for stitching curtains so I got my Gelli Plate out for an hour.  I had picked up a lovely Acer/Maple leaf earlier in the week when I had been out and about and had been itching to see if I could get a good image from it ....

 I think I used Golden Payne's Grey and Quinacrodine Ayzo Gold Acrylic on these two
Below is several prints on top of each other from the Gelli Plate prior to the leaf being removed.  I believe the mottling is caused by the fact that I had used a baby wipe to clean the surface of the plate and it leaves an oily residue. 

Then I moved on to half a shallot ...

Gelli Print

Direct print inked up on the Gelli Plate
The shallot looked more like a goosegog!!  Was quite disappointed as the onion we had used with Hilary Beattie had been a huge success.  I was also using Lumiere acrylic paint for these.  The backgrounds vary sometimes it is from the Gelli Plate but I also have a habit of cleaning off my roller over the top of prints or adding a wash of Inktense to add interest.

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