Thursday, 18 September 2014

Doodling Along

Not sure how I started looking at manuscripts, when I was actually doing some research for my next Travelling Journal page.  I found that snails have featured quite often so doodled this little chap in my sketchbook.  Not sure what I am going to do with him, but it is a start I suppose.
Then I found another design I liked and made a fairly rough drawing of it and coloured it in.  The little bee at the bottom was a small print block I came home with from the local art shop on Monday.

This messy piece was an earlier doodle.  I had found the end of a roll of tape in the bin which the builders use when plastering.  It is a mesh and is tacky so I wondered what I could do with it.  I painted over it, let it dry and then ripped it off inadvertantly removing some of the surface of the cartridge paper at the same time.  The illuminated grid at the side encouraged me to have another go (below), but this time trying to work from accurately measured pencil lines (or in my case not so accurate).

I have stuck two more pieces of the mesh tape onto this page which has yet to have the background painted.  I also need to resolve the rubbed out mess at the top of the page.  As usual I did not plan it out properly and got a curly decorative knot in the wrong place.  I now cannot decide where to put it so I am giving it a bit of 'thinking time' and will return to it at some point.  After all it is only my sketchbook where I doodle ideas or try things out.

In the meanwhile I will have to return to making my kitchen curtains, painting windowsills, ironing, etc ....

Hopefully the electrician will turn up today or tomorrow to do something with the length of cable that is dangling down the wall in the lounge from the ceiling.  We want to cut it off, but not sure whether it is live or not.  We found it running up the chimney breast when we were having parts of the wall replastered.  This house is full of surprises.

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  1. very impressed with how you take a little thing and move it on - I do this, but usually only in my head !