Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Back in the swing of things

I am starting to think about my next piece of work for the Yorkshire Travelling Journal, not that I currently have one!!  The deadline has passed but the person concerned has not yet completed (or even started I suspect) their piece of work.  It is not a problem as I can work on ideas in the meantime.  I plan to continue to follow my theme of 'Allotments' but at the moment it seems to be focusing more on 'Sheds'!!  This one was taken through a window at Salts Mill, Saltaire.  We went to see the Hockney exhibition you understand.

There was a fascinating body of work based on the mill workers using bobbins and embroidered reel labels.  Strange how some things keep cropping up in life.  I have acquired several different shaped and sized bobbins over recent years which I plan to display on a shelf in my workroom-cum-studio if it ever gets finished.  Progress is very slow ....

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  1. The Caren Garfen piece you saw was my favourite piece of the 2013 Cloth and Memory exhibition - it made the mill workers real people rather than historic figures. I'm glad it is still at the Mill - can't think of a better place it could be.