Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wood Anenomes

DH was on holiday all last week so I got very little done sewing wise, but have been out in the garden a lot.  What a joy to discover this clump of wood anenomes over on the wild side of the stream.  They did not flower last year so I thought they had all gone, but here they are again.  It floods where they are so I was sure they had been washed away as the stream is a torrent at times.

Don't you just love their little yellow centres. I have been digging out some plants in the front garden to make way for a grass path to connect both lawns but the soil was really too wet to make much headway.  Also managed to remove some more of the larger Hazel branches over the stream to try and get them to send up lots of new shoots from the base.  It is very hard work and I managed to bruise a finger very nicely. A new squirrel has appeared in the garden and is raiding my bird feeders.

On Bank Holiday Monday I emptied the second built in cupboard in the room that should be my studio and set to and demolished it.  Lots of holes to fill, wallpaper to strip and skirting board and windowsill to paint but what a difference it has made.


  1. What a coincidence ! Just this evening before dinner, my DH insisted we went for a walk at his golf club to see these beautiful flowers that were springing up amongst the daffies and the wild garlic - no prizes for guessing what they were!

  2. I love them and a real sign spring is on the way. I also saw some in the woods amongst primroses on the way to Ledbury the other day.