Monday, 27 April 2015

A Grand Day Out

On Saturday DH and I went to Prescott Hillclimb.  It was the first time for me and the views were splendiferous!!!  You can see the Malvern Hills in the background on this photo.  You will notice I have managed not to include any of the competitor's cars in my pictures!!

This was the view further to the right from the top of the hillclimb track.  We were blessed with fantastic sunny weather, although it was a bit chilly up the hill in places.

Today I had to go into Worcester to have three recalls checked on my little Yaris.  At least it gave me time to go along to the Cathedral to see the Magna Carta exhibition. Can't say I was overly impressed, however, this lovely alter frontal was impressive. It was made in 1969 by local artists.  It is meant to represent the reflections of the cathedral's pinnacles in the River Severn with the colours representing the liturgical year.

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  1. Like the frontal - especially as I have now discovered that you can click on the image and enlarge it - why did no-one tell me that before ! There is a Magna Carta exhib at Durham I will go to see at some point but really would like to see the EG work but don't know where it is being exhibited.