Friday, 1 May 2015

Rock Art

I have been looking at the carvings made on stones in wild places recently and actually got round to getting out my Gelli plate as well as creating various methods of printing images ready to start to do some work.
I made two print blocks from funky foam stuck onto a piece of card with double sided tape for the print above.  I printed both from the Gelli plate direct and the inked funky foam blocks.

This was a more ghostly print using the same method.

I patiently cut out a stencil from a piece of stencil card (I think it must be sealed with linseed oil as it has a lovely smell). These images have been rollered with a soft foam roller onto paper in my sketchbook, but I should have remembered to be careful not to go over the edges of the piece of card which has created lines where I did not want them.
Next I rollered an image onto a piece of fabric upon which I had already couched a spiral using some textured wool and I quite like this combination.  Lots more ideas to try yet ... as usual just need some play time.

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