Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Out and About

It is amazing what you come across here when you are least expecting it.  I popped out this morning to pick up some cinema tickets and had a couple of other jobs to do at the same time and this is what I found ....

Looks like someone has been out 'Yarn Bombing' again!!  It is the Malvern Flower Show starting tomorrow after all.  Poor old Elgar is looking at something decidedly fishy.  It did prompt me to pop into the Bluebird Tearooms (located just across the road from the Elgar statue) though to see the textile exhibition that features the work of several people I know.  Well worth dropping in to see and the bonus is that they serve fantastic coffee, tea and cakes.

 Some of the fishy goings on ....

Even Malvina got decorated.  I think there is a Well Dressing event going on too.

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  1. Malvina looks quite serene - she should always have flowers !