Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Doodle Birds

Two burly men came to fit a window in my some-time-to-be workroom-cum-studio this morning so I made the most of the time and had a doodle in my sketchbook using a picture of a blue tit I had ripped from an old calendar.

I did a pencil sketch first, then I used my Inktense Blocks to draw the coloured bird.  I love drawing with Inktense pencils and blocks.  It is so exciting when you overlay colours and then get out a paintbrush and add water.

I should really practice more as my drawing improves no end when I do.

Mood is also an important factor when sketching.  I did these quick little drawings a few days ago because I was intrigued by a poem I found in a book of poems from the Underground.  I had to use several bird books to get an idea of what Long Tailed Tits look like and did not come up with anything I was happy with.

The Long Tailed Tits that come into our garden look like lollipops on long sticks, nothing like what the books depicted them as.  Of course, they are not really from the Tit family at all.

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