Thursday, 7 May 2015

Winter Leaves

I spent some more time working on my 5" square of Winter Leaves yesterday and these are my first three samples ....

The first one is made from snippets of sheer and silk fabric trapped between two layers of dissolvable fabric.  I think it was Romeo.  I then stitched the veins with a cream machine embroidery thread, followed by a Madeira metallic thread.

The second leaf had a piece of lovely scrim in the centre together with snippets, but it really has not worked as it is too solid.

Leaf three is just simple machine stitching using two different Madeira threads, one after the other.  I need to practice more on this one, but I think I will be going back to making some more of Leaf one when I get another window of free time.  I am afraid it is back to filling and painting skirting boards again today.

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