Sunday, 17 May 2015

They are like buses .....

I have had no Yorkshire Travelling Journals to do for what seems an age and then what happens .... two arrive at once and I have to send one back to Yorkshire by next Friday!!  Not too worry, I will get it done.
Front Cover of No 1
Back Cover of No 1

Some of us have had to create a new Journal for this year as the old ones were bulging with the wonderful work done by everyone over the past two years.  The cover above, although of simple construction, made my heart sing with the riot of colour and simple use of decorative stitches to hold it together.
Cover of Journal No 2
Another very effective cover using the minimum of materials and stitch.  My dear friend who made this has broken a finger on her right hand, but she has managed to do the entries in both books now that her finger has got a splint on it and stopped hurting so much!!  I wish I could say that was the only reason for the Journals being late, she does have a tendancy to over commit herself and then runs out of time.  Naughty .... Naughty  A fault she is well aware of and promises to resolve to no avail.
Fly Leaf of No 2

Whilst up in Yorkshire earlier in the year the same friend and I played with her new Gelli Plate and the fly leaf above was one of the pieces of paper we made.  Fantastic to see it being put to good use.  There were also some offcuts used on the next two pages in the journal where she had written a little bit of text alongside, together with her name and address in case the books goes astray.

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