Thursday, 21 May 2015

Print Blocks

This morning I had to fill in some time whilst the electrician was here fitting an extra double socket in my workroom so I thought I would play with the alphabet print blocks I have currently got on loan from Worcester branch of the Embroiderers' Guild.  There is just a small fee of £1 to borrow them for a month and I have had them several weeks now and done nothing with them.  I was inspired by some work by Jasper Johns.

I used an A3 sketchbook and printed the letters in three different colours.  I will probably add a wash next, or perhaps some wax or oil pastels over parts of it to help retain some colour.  You are not supposed to notice that two letters are missing - 'Z' and 'Q' ....  I could only work with what I had and did intend making the second 'O' into a 'Q' somehow.

Jasper Johns Alphabets

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