Friday, 22 May 2015

It's been one of those weeks ....

It all started on Wednesday when the builder discovered that overnight one of his buckets had leaked water through the floor into the ceiling of the downstairs cloakroom.  It is now drying out, but has left a horrid watermark which will need to be covered up before we repaint the ceiling and wall.

Yesterday I was messing about with the Alphabet Print Blocks I had borrowed and decided to attempt printing on fabric.  It does help if you try out the length of the words and check you have the blocks in the correct order before you start.  Spot my mistakes below .....

There is now no 'N' in Journal and I could not fit all of the word 'Travelling' on the bag.  On looking at the photograph you could assume that the 'N' was a deliberate mistake bridging the two words together and hinting at 'Trevelling Journal'.

Today's 'faux pas' was putting a new T-shirt in with a white wash.  I had put a colour catcher in with the load, however, I discovered that some of the items in there have now got a decidedly creamy/pink tinge to them.  Ah well it could have been much worse I guess.

On the upside I collected three forks from the blacksmith this morning and he has put a new handle on one for me and straightened the very bent prongs on the other two.  What a man!!  I have no excuse not to get on with some gardening now.

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