Sunday, 31 May 2015

More Digging

I keep saying that I am not going to dig out any more borders in this garden and then I seem to find my self digging again.  This time I have been lowering the level of the soil near the house wall as it was above the damp course.  My little builder friend is going to make me a nice wall to retain the lawn, which was already several inches higher than the existing path that was once there. You might be able to see the old bricks we are going to recycle in the background behind the trellis.

It took me all day on Saturday to clear this bit and I ran out of steam so there is a nice pile of turf which needs something doing with it.  I wheelbarrowed all the soil around to the front garden to a section where I have dug out all the plants to create a link between an existing lawn and a new one which is waiting to be turfed - and has been waiting for around a year now.

The tall fir tree thing near to the house was home to a nest full of dunnocks, but we suspect that the squirrel may have had them as the nest is now empty and I do not think they have had time to fledge properly since the last time I looked in and they were there.

In addition to all this activity, I have badly bruised a finger on my right hand and also my thumb has sustained slight damage too whilst sawing wood.  The reason for this is that DH threw a pile of branches that needed cutting up behind the aforesaid pile of bricks as they were annoying him.  I was incensed and decided, as I had just cleared the area and tidied it up, that I had better get the saw out (in between digging you understand) and cut up all the wood into logs and store them away in my hut.  It was my fault it was there in the first place as I had chopped off a load of branches several weeks ago from some of the Hazel trees in the dell.  Since then I have either not had the time or the weather has not been right for me to do anything about them.

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