Monday, 18 May 2015

Winter Leaves

At long last I have finished this 5" square for something Worcester branch of the Embroidrers' Guild is putting together.  It was meant to be finished for the May meeting, but I missed the deadline.  The leaves were created using dissolvable fabric and snippets of sheer and silk fabrics.  The background is an offcut from some curtains I made which seemed appropriate and adds interest.

The reason this all got finished was that the builder has been today and I could not get on with anything else I need to be doing.  He has prepared the walls ready for skimming in my workroom amd chased out for a double socket near to the window so I will have more than enough electrical points now when I am ready to do some work up there.  He is back tomorrow to do the actual plastering work so perhaps I will get on with my Yorkshire Travelling Journals ....


  1. You've made a really good job of these in the end ! The background fabric really adds to the impact - I could quite fancy curtains made of that.

  2. These are lovely. I hadn't realized how long it was since I last looked at your blog and have enjoyed catching up today. Did you get my reply to you query on my blog? The course I am doing is Distantstitch sketchbooks.