Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bookbinding or Boxes

I am struggling on with the construction of two boxes that look like leather books.  I seem to keep making more mistakes than usual and am putting it down to being tired.  I find a full day at college is too much on a Friday.

These are Mk 1 and Mk 2 in progress.  I have constructed the inner box, added the curved spine and some leather strips to form raised areas.  The front cover has been added using a piece of cloth with paper pasted to the reverse.  This will form a strong hinge. All corners and the base were strengthened by adhering a strip of thin paper to each one.

I have added the top and bottom pieces of thin card to each book box, which are glued to the edge of the box and the curve of the spine to bridge the gap between the spine and the box.

The back cover has had a second piece of grey board added to it to build it up to match the front cover. The front has yet to have another piece of board added with a space cut in the centre ready to accommodate a piece of embroidery which is added once the leather has been attached to the whole of the outside of the book box.


  1. I know you say you keep making mistakes, but it is very hard to see where they are - the books/boxes look amazing - can't wait to see them with their covers.