Saturday, 3 October 2015

Hinged Books

We started off the bookbinding class a couple of weeks ago by making two new book structures which could either be hinged over the spine with leather strips or thread.  I got off to a slow start and it has taken me two weeks to complete them.

This first one was a painted cover with leather strips ... and the second one below is paper covered and has thread stitched across the spine.

In a moment of madness I also agreed to do the 5 week Altered Books class on a Friday morning and whilst it is not really my thing I surprised myself this week by producing these two pages which are WIP ...
I had some bits of Yellow Pages I had used whilst painting something and they provided excellent pieces of paper from which to cut these houses and the boat.  The orange paper in the foreground is some Gelli printed Deli Paper.  I need to do a bit more work on both pages, but am actually quite pleased with them.

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  1. I knew you would be good at altered books - what a jolly pair of pictures - I could sail away in that boat !