Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What are friends for

A bit blustery on the Worcester Beacon
We had this lovely lady and her two friends to stay this weekend and we fitted in lots and lots of walking.  This was interspersed with lots and lots of sleeping.  She is only young so I was surprised by how much she slept.

We went to Berrington Hall on Sunday. Bobby (the dog) and I spent two hours walking around the grounds whilst her two friends got chance to visit the house and walled garden.

I took a picture of the apple tree below for a friend ...

and can also tell her that the Auricula Theatre is now complete


  1. Love the dog and the theatre, but I reckon that apple tree is indeed 'non pareil' - how could it not be with a name like that !

  2. Alright .... enlighten me. What does 'non pareil' mean? My knowledge of French is hopeless although I have tried to learn it several times.

    1. It means unequalled or unique from the French pareil meaning equal - obviously referring to me !!