Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I love my new radio!!

When my workroom was finished (?) recently I decided I needed a clock, I never know what time it is once I get engrossed in something so this lovely little clock with a lime green edge did the trick. 

Then I really needed access to Radio 4 and, as my DH has pinched my DAB radio, I decided, after a lot of deliberating about the price, to buy myself a lovely little Roberts radio which can have lots of preset stations, so here it is.  To create the right ambience I then added a room atomizer thingy.  Which DH is also eyeing up!!

Looks like I have sheds loads of tissues, but I really only have the one, which I could not resist buying when I saw it. I just moved it so that it appeared in both photographs.  Note the piles of Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors ready for a quiet moment when I can sit in my chair and browse through them.  Have not shown the new books also waiting to be read.  Dream on .....


  1. Radio and clock are lovely - but oh your beautiful shed !

    1. It's Waitrose and it is likely to be the only one I am every allowed to have!! The bonus was it did not come flat pack and need self assembly.