Thursday, 4 February 2016

Is this Spring I espy?

I am not so easily fooled!  Whilst I was away at the weekend the newly planted daffodils under the front hedge decided to burst open their buds.  The celandines have been out for some time now and we have large, cup shaped, yellow and purple crocus out in the front lawn. A little reminder of 'The Stray' in Harrogate, but doubt they are out that far North just yet.

The visit to Wisley showed us how far behind we are here ...

The reeds and seedheads were fabulous too

but I bet you are all glad you have not got this huge bug in your garden ...

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  1. I have got a few crocuses in my garden that are out but down in the village by the river it is a mass of lilac blossom. I will try and remember to take my camera when I am next down there. Otherwise, some of the daffodils are in bud but others are much wiser. My rhubarb has several leaves on already and the delphiniums have had new leaves since before Christmas. The world has gone mad. Just wish the wood pidgeon would leave my broccoli alone.