Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Yet More Yorkshire TJ

Way back in October several of my friends from 'Up North' met up in the Lake District for a Retreat week. I arrived early, having much further to travel then everyone else, so had a morning to fill in until the others arrived.  My tutor friend needed something to do after setting up the room so I suggested she make a collage using bits and pieces of stuff we had accumulated about where we were staying.  She made two pieces that concertined using paper, fabric, glue and stitch.  What a surprise I got when I got my YTJ back and found that she had put one of them in as her entry for the year.  As you can probably see it folds outwards when you open the book.

The little wooden 'toilet' woman on the right of the page was acquired from one of the other people enjoying the 'Retreat'. There were men and women of varying sizes - the figures you understand, not the other people on the break!! Perhaps it could apply to them too I think.

This is the cover of my YTJ for last year which I am currently working on before it sets off on a new journey.

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