Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Creative Books

I managed to spend some time over the weekend finishing off various small books that have been laying around for ages.

Just a very easy Coptic Binding using some bought paper.  I pasted a circle of tissue paper depicting a butterfly to the inside cover with matt gel medium just to provide a bit of interest.
Below another coptic bound book. The very nice handmade paper was bought in Worcester.  I added some more of the tissue paper butterflies to the cover to add highlights.
Two Secret Belgian Bound books using papers I had decorated myself.  I cut a circle in the front sheet of the right hand book and then added a circle of the cover paper to the second page so that it was viewed through the hole in front.
Two Stab Bound books. The left hand one is paper I decorated using a combination of methods including Quink Ink and bleach.  The right hand book was a plain black handmade paper which I stamped with gold acrylic.
A new binding for which I do not know its name I am afraid. It involves placing a strip of leather across the back of the spine before pasting the endpapers to the cover of the book. The signatures were stitched over tapes with a French Link Stitch. The gold paper was purchased from Paperchase in a pack of handmade papers and was very nice to work with. Both books have hand decorated endpapers to compliment the covers.
Finally, a structure which I have made before using dyed blanket.  This time I improvised with some leather.  I think it is called a Cross Structure binding.
I utilised some old metal buttons and the catch was a treasured find from the Rag Market, Birmingham.

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  1. You have done a sterling job with these lovely books - what clever ideas you have. Despite your saying that you never have time for play, you seem to make the most of the time you do have. So impressed x