Sunday, 26 May 2013


At our last Venture Group I made some new mount board print blocks and since I finished varnishing them I have not had time to try them out.  On Thursday I had a spare half hour so sat down and tried them all.  I used some cheap acrylic paint and then added a wash of Procion dye I had lying about in a jam jar.

This one is a long thin block which I have repeated to create a grid.  It is actually 6 prints side by side and above each other. I took the pattern from an item in the Staffordshire Hoard.  I will probably get a better image with some decent paint, but I quite like the hazy effect.

I was sad on Wednesday - not only did I accidentally drop the blackbird's egg and smash it all over the floor, but also a local black cat caught and killed one of the blackbirds in the garden.  The cat hides under the undergrowth and I am forever chasing it away.  It is very rare for Sox to catch anything!! Don't know whether he is too old or just too lazy.

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